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Where Service is Always in Season

Service Is Always In Season

Locally owned and operated, we at Smithsons strive to provide you with the best quality commercial and residential contracting services to meet your every need. From property maintenance to snow and ice management, we've got you covered.


Serving our Anchorage community and surrounding areas for over 25 years.


Learn more about the details of the Smithsons Service Initiative.

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During breakup season here in Alaska, our streets and side-walks get covered in all the dirt, grime, and gravel that has built up all winter. Our company removes this grime by dispatching a convey of equipment to provide optimal street cleaning.

Our convey involves a lead of a water truck to ensure that nasty dust clouds don't occur while providing our service. The convey is followed by several sweepers to ensure that no grime is left behind.


Our primary winter service is crucial to city functionality here in Alaska. With our states high volume of frozen precipitation, we make it our task to ensure that the people of Alaska can function normally under these extreme weather conditions.

Our company operates on both municipality and private contracts. Contact us for more information regarding our snow plowing services.

Our Alaskan roads can take a beating from the seasons. From frost heaves, to ruts, to general wear and tear we deal with it all.

Roads allow us to continue our every day lives and in Alaska they are extremely important to connect the more distant locations to the inner cities. Maintenance is necessary so that roads, remain operational and a smooth ride every time you make your morning commute.


Who We Are

Smithsons Enterprise is a family-owned business. It started off with only family and grew from there. Now this small family business has grown to take others into the family. We believe that every customer and employee deserve to be treated as part of the family.

Year of Establishment


Professional Employees


L. Smith

Lawrence Smith


See the many other services that Smithsons has to offer.

We offer a wide range of services for both large and small projects. Read more or contact us for specificity on how we can be of service.

Equipment Leasing

Our Clients

We believe each and every client deserves quality service time and time again.

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