Lawn Care Landscaping

Lawn Mowing & Lawn Care

SmithSons take lawn care and mowing seriously and know that a well-maintained lawn improves the look and enjoyment of your yard and garden.

Each landscape is unique, so we tailor our approach to meet the specific needs of your lawn and type of grass.

SmithSons lawn mowing services also include:

  • Trimming around the office or/and house.
  • Garden beds trees/shrubs.
  • After-mowing clean up to keep your property looking its best.

Great lawn care makes all of your landscaping look great.


Small Tree & Shrub Pruning

Pruning small shrubs and trees not only keeps your yard looking attractive; done properly it can also help keep your plants healthy and growing full and lush, rather than over-crowded.

SmithSons take care to remove all debris and mess after our work is complete

Trees and shrubs are often one focal point of landscaping projects, and keeping them looking their best, helps keep your home and garden looking it’s best.


Bed Maintenance

Let SmithSons keep your flower beds in tip top shape.

We’ll handle all of your bed maintenance needs: weeding, edging, mulching and maintaining them (from dead-heading perennials to trimming spreading ground covers). 

All you have to do is enjoy the view.

If your office/home’s landscaping needs a lift, garden beds are a great foundation that increases curb appeal.

They can also set the stage for backyard entertaining.

SmithSons landscapers can help you select the right plants for your property, and see they are properly sited, planted & mulched.

Spring, Storm & Fall Clean Ups

We take pride in the properties we maintain.

If you are tired of doing it yourself like the photo, we can handle the fall clean up of leaves and debris to prepare your property for winter.

SmithSons also handle spring, storm and fall cleanups.

From removing trees and branches that have fallen during the winter, to those that dropped branches during recent wind storms – we keep your yard and garden safe and looking top notch.

We also provide these other services:


  • Lawn Mowing and Lawn Care
  • Small Tree and Shrub Pruning
  • Spring, Storm and Fall Cleanups
  • Seasonal Flower Bed Maintenance: Weeding, Edging, Mulching and Planting